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The Dusk Till Dawn Card Club in Nottingham, England. The newly opened card club has been thrown into the lime light as “the best card club in Europe”. Such a flattering title for just a poker club with the outskirts of Nottingham.

The first thing you notice is that the club is a big Dusk Till Dawn banner and pillars outside the main entrance which conveniently distract your eyes from the giant, gray warehouse which you enter about dominoqq.

Once you enter it is a completely different story.

The club is essentially a giant, tiered room with tables staggering up to the highest level. A final table sits at the bottom of the floor and then the rows of rows of top quality poker tables can be found behind. Top quality is something that definitely sums up the aesthetics and furnishings of this club and it does not just stop at custom table designs. The chairs, the chips and the dealers are all excellent. Even the toilets fit in with the luxury of the club. There is a bar at the corner of the bar where it sells cheap and cheap prices for food and drink. A good, comfortable sitting area surrounds the bar with magazines to pass while you wait for your seat to open or start the tournament. The card room also offers its own online poker room, the aptly named “DTD Poker” which can be found at any one of the computers.

Unlike a lot of card clubs and casinos, some poker games will be self-dealing. DTD ensures that if ever there is a table open, there will be a dealer. The dealers are well-trained, friendly and keep the games flowing at a good pace. Directors are also on standby if there ever is an official ruling.

The club itself is managed by poker player and poker commentator Simon Trumper, who is often seen on Late Night Poker, a TV show broadcasted in the UK. He does a great job at organizing and announcing events inside and outside the card room; events that range from £ 25 + 5 all the way up to £ 300 tournaments. The card club also has a number of cash tables and sit-and-go stores at any one time from small stakes of £ 0.50 / £ 1.00 to £ 2 / £ 4 and sometimes higher.

It’s not uncommon to see a celebrity poker player sitting down at one of the tables and this helps to attract the flurry of players that turn up every night. You can even go on a training course at The Poker Academy with Paul ‘actionjack’ Jackson who has been named “one of the most successful online tournament players in the world”.

In conclusion, the Dusk Till Dawn card club is the title of “The Best Card Club in Europe”. The one downfall of the club is the location. Although next to a main road, it is out of the way and the casual game for a night out or after a walk. If you’re driving from London or even further afield, don’t be put off by the distance, Nottingham is a great city with plenty of things to do. Drive up to the weekend and enjoy the poker, the nightlife and the beautiful city.

And don’t worry; There will always be players to play with and dealers to deal with poker.

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