Could We Create an Indoor Reality Gambling Hat System Which Works?


Recently, I had been speaking with a specialist poker player, and he admitted he had gained enormous, lost large, and came up with a fairly adequate, self-made process for playing cards. Anyway, we got to discussing this all, also he told me he had nullify his approaches to an eBook,” and began to explain the nature of how it functioned, which I found fascinating.

He said, or rather I imagined that I heard him say he had a new”gaming system holder operates,” but that which he said was that he had a fresh progressive gambling program”which” operates. Nevertheless, it reminds me with a previous intellectual scientific conversation I’d’d months the earlier to augmented-reality glasses that the armed forces uses and now a few police departments hold them to get their police officials, possibly, you had witnessed the brand new Google Augmented Reality Glasses situs judi casino.

Anyway, I asked Alan Samonte, ” the eBook au thor of”The Samonte System: Finally, a gaming system which works,” what sort of gaming system”hat” he’d, I asked him whether it turned out to be a full on Google type augmented-reality system with all of the charger along with computer machine in the hat, having a micro camcorder system in the frames of eyeglasses, and then provides you the advice, and ideal method to engage in each hand, dependent on monte-carlo mathematical formulas? What other mathematics formulas are you using? Is your system simple enough for everyone to work with without needing attended MIT for instance?

But by then I had been simply having a great time together with himbecause I misinterpreted or misheard what he’d stated, however, in any event , it did get my thoughts in gear to presume off-topic, of a brand new application for the hottest invention for augmented glasses. Only think if the kids in the Movie”21″ needed a system such as that when they went gambling in Las Vegas? By the way, I really did match the au thor of this picture, fine guy, also yes, a great movie.

Question is, would someone with this type of device overcome a Champion Texas maintain’em participant, when they’re even allowed to make use of this type of pc technique? And when they could would it be lopsided game just as IBM’s supercomputer”Watson” pumped ass over the universe champion”Jeopardy” players around television for all the world to see?

Who would triumph? Could somebody enjoy Alan Samonte with his recently invented system beat an AI augmented-reality machine? Who knows, I would like to find that match actually, it’d be interesting to see – out Man versus Man with Machine! Q and Science VS Finesse and ability, all for the greatest bragging rights and delight, which would be cool really.

Interestingly , I am a mathematics guy so you understand, exactly what can I say? However, I am also a veteran entrepreneur playing chunks to the walls, no panic approaches, and love to blitz the competition Colonel Boyd apostle model. I know that the world too, and that I really do a small technical trading at the mark, and read the news and feel that the heartbeat of this Marshall McLuhan press mirror of society.

It appears tome that both concepts are viable, and sometimes even in things like trading and investing which in many respects is betting, I don’t low cost converging trends or shameful swan activities, thus in a manner , I understand either side of every one of the manners of drama, but do not confine my thoughts to what will work or ever stop asking”why?” Nonetheless, I question could a star poker player such as Alan Samonte using his in house system beat the Terminator in Vegas? “I Will be back again!” Please consider all this and think on it.

Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative collection of eBooks on upcoming Theories . Lance Winslow is a retired Creator of a Nation Wide Franchise Chain, also now runs on the Web Think-tank

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